A.H Tammsaare 10, Pärnu

A.H Tammsaare 10 apartment buildings, Pärnu


A new apartment building will be in the city of Pärnu, located by A.H Tammsaare boulevard.

The architect of the buildings is Karmo Tõra, and real estate developer Herakos is responsible for the construction.


The foundations of the existing building will be supplemented to the extent necessary for the extension.

The building is on a reinforced concrete pile foundation. Monolithic concrete ceilings are resting on load-bearing posts—stairs made of monolithic concrete.


The building will have a complete waterproofing solution

  1. Crystalline admixture will be added to the concrete
  2. WPM Sealing Elements for construction joints and WPM Crack Inducer profiles for controlled shrinkage cracks are installed on the building’s foundations, walls, and partitions.
  3. Pipes and cables are watertight through the bushing system.