Concrete repair

Concrete repair works
Corroded armour, cracks in concrete, erosion and decay – whatever the fault in your concrete building, these equally damage both the aesthetic appearance and health of it.
As with any other damage, damage caused by the time, use or poor construction process in the concrete structure must be repaired as quickly and properly as possible.
Once the structure is inspected, errors are found, and their extent detected, you can mark the repair sites, and then it’s time to contact us.
With a high-quality concrete repair system, we solve all the problems of concrete construction.

Even in the case of high-quality repair mortar, cracks in the repair may also occur due to the excessively low intersection of the external perimeter. It is therefore important that the external perimeter be cut off from a depth of at least 10 mm. Use blasting to remove rust and clean the surface of the armour. Follow Swedish standard SA 2 & 1/2. You can also get a guide standard from us if necessary.
The repair mixture is always installed in two layers. After applying the fine mixture, it is also important to provide additional protection to the surface. Because there are several possible products to use here, we are happy to help you choose the best one for your task.
The systems recommended for repairing structures such as bridges, parking houses, balconies, etc. can be used on vertical, overhead and horizontal surfaces. The systems we offer are watertight, water-vapour-permeable, cold-resistant and also resistant to the use of the road salt. In addition, the system will harden without shrinking and cracking even in case of a dynamic load.
You will, of course, get accurate instructions and product recommendations from us. Excellent quality results from careful action and use of excellent products. By not paying sufficient attention to any of the components, you are putting the entire project at risk. Therefore, be sure that every part of your work – both the products and the quality of your work – would be uncompromising.