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 Deformation joints
Small houses – small troubles, big houses – big troubles.
When dealing with buildings with a single concrete plane of more than 40 metres or which must withstand the movement from the ground, we are exposed to deformation joints and their waterproofing need. Deformation joints provide mobility for the structure, but up to 40 metres of concrete can also be poured without any deformation.
The greatest deformation trigger is the temperature. The larger the structure, the more it moves and the predefined deformation joints allow the cast concrete to expand and shrink according to temperature changes.
Several different ways and materials, such as acrylic resins, PVC resins, mastics, glued joint tapes or polyurethane resins, can be used to fill deformation joints and ensure watertightness. Refer to the concrete joints section for more details on the joint tapes.
For an excellent performance, it is also necessary to cover the filling materials of the joints with polyurethane mastics or polysulphide mastics or with a sealant suitable for the situation.
When the joint is waterproofed with acrylic resin, the work is finished with the joint sealant. The resin material is not mechanically durable nor beautiful. Sealants make the deformation joint look nice and mechanically durable.

PC 509 Rubber Acryl

Acrylate injection liquid with excellent toughness, elasticity and physical properties

ASO-Tape (INDUBOND-Tape-3000)

Thermo-plastic tape for waterproofing joints

WFP Epoxy Adhesive

Epoxy resin adhesive /-mortar Pigmented


High performance epoxy adhesive

KÖSTER Universal Cleaner

Solvent free cleaning agent for bituminous materials and epoxy resins

WFP Rubberflex Special Fleece

Polyester- / polypropylene fleece for crack bridging Excellent material penetration

WFP PU Flex 35

1-component, polyurethane construction sealant Moisture curing, mid modulus sealant

KÖSTER Joint Sealant FS-V

Joint Sealant FS-H


Elastic, one component, low modulus polyurethane sealant


MS Hybrid-Polymer joint sealant for processing plants for effluent slurry, manure slurry, silage effluent


Natural stone silicone


Two component reactive resin joint sealing compound

WFP PU Flex 20


Water activated polyurethane gel


KÖSTER FS Primer 2C is a fast curing, transparent, solvent free two component bonding agent. It is used as a

KÖSTER PU Primer 120

One component PU primer for non-porous surfaces

INDU-PRIMER-S (Primer-2000-S)

Primer/Adhesion promoter for porous contact areas


Primer/Adhesion promoter

WFP PU Primer

1-component Adhesion promoter

Sika® Waterbar PVC-P

Sika Waterbar® made from PVC-P can be used as flexible waterstops and are designed for the sealing of movement (expansion)

Sika Waterbar PVC-R

Waterbars based on recycled PVC (PVC-R) for sealing and waterproofing construction and movement joints in concrete  structures  

Sika Waterbars Tricomer BV Type

Tricosal Tricomer BV Waterbars are highly flexible waterstops made from PVC/NBR copolymer for sealing expansion and construction joints in watertight


Solvent-free, thixotropic 2 component universal epoxy adhesive

WFP Swelling Rubber Profiles

The WFP Selling Rubber Profile is a joint profile with a swelling volume of more than 430% in contact with