Facade renovation

Renovation of facades
The first thing we notice about a person is usually the face, this also stands regarding houses – we see the facade first. We may not remember whether the particular house was a flat-roofed house, a three or four-storey house, or how many centimetres of its foundation was visible over the ground. But we always remember whether the facade of the house was clean, well done and beautiful, or broken, tired, badly constructed and dirty.
We can extend the beautiful look of the facade with impregnating. It is a liquid that is used on the facade so that it would not absorb water nor dirt. All absorbable materials can be treated with impregnates. However, Primostar has the power to solve all the impregnation needs of concrete structures, stone, plaster and bricks, or mineral building surfaces. A beautiful house has a beautiful face.
However, if time has done its job on the facade of your house, and the traces of years of exploitation and weather change have been sealed in there, the house urgently needs help. Here, too, we can help by choosing the right refurbishment plaster for your house, with which to make the cracked and broken areas beautiful again.