Injection of cracks

Injecting cracks
Things can happen even in case of best works … There’s a crack in the wall. In terms of dynamic load, this kind of thing can happen even with a crystalline additive watertight concrete structure. What to do? One option is to use the crack injection. Behind this fine name lies a perfect-result crack repairment system. The first step to this is to evaluate the size, character and extent of the crack.
Different solutions must be used to correct different cracks. It may be necessary to close the water leaks, restore the strength of the structure, etc. Larger cracks must also be covered prior to injection so that the injection resin used does not come out from there before hardening. The resin is introduced into the structure through injection nozzles, which are in turn installed in pre-drilled openings.
Polyurethane or acrylic resins, rigid epoxytes or polyurethane resins can be used to stop the water leaks.