Primostar provides solutions to ensure the watertightness of all bushings, such as pipe, cable and other bushings.
In case of pressured water on the other side of the structure, thickening the bushings is particularly important.
The best solution to thicken bushings is to use the ready-made sealing elements.
Place the sealing element around the cable or tube, push the element along with the tube into the drilled wall hole (better still to use the seal piping poured into the wall), tighten the bolts, and the watertight bushing is ready.
If, for some reason, no suitable sealing element-tube-wall port can be found, the bushing can also be thickened with the sealing mass. We offer a special, non-seting mass that can achieve a watertight penetration even in the current pressure-water situation.
Warm the sealing mass in the water bath to about 50C and push in the gap betweeen the tube and the wall. The sealing mass remains elastic, allowing small movements of the pipe.