Road and bridge construction

Road and bridge construction
In Primostar product range you can also find products for road and bridge construction.
This is a very specific area where very often a particular existing situation needs as particular solution. We recommend contacting us as soon as possible so that we can find the most appropriate and optimal solution together.

Waterproofing bridges.
In Estonia, three different methods are allowed to waterproof bridges. Primostar offers all of these solutions – both SPS bitumen primer and SPS epo-primer solutions.
Bridge construction involves a completely different responsibility and the importance of the quality of the pre-works. Before installing the waterproof system, the area must be completely dry, solid, and free of dust, fat and oil. In our climatic conditions, it is difficult, but also cement milk and loose particles must be completely removed. This can be done by using, for example, water jetting or flame-cleaning – these give the best results. The installation of the waterproofing system itself begins with the correct primer option and, if necessary, sanding must be used. The thickness of the membrane layer of the waterproofing should always be at least 1 mm depending on the product.
The waterproof system of the bridge is also suitable for securing the underlying materials of buildings and facilities and for waterproofing of concrete and metal railway bridges and for the waterproofing of many other concrete facilities, from parks to on-shore platforms. Therefore, the possible use is wide.
In Estonian conditions, the important added value of quality products is also that these systems are available in a very large range of ambient and subsurface temperatures.