The roof on the house is like a topping on a cake. A stylish, multifunctional, high-quality, beautiful roof is a beautiful final chord for an industrial building, a private house or an apartment building. The life of any building must not necessarily end under the roof. With high-quality roofing and waterproofing materials, you can let the creativity of both yourself and the architect fly and build almost anything on a flat roof – a winter garden, a pool, or simply paint it, install solar panels or an outdoor gym – there are many possibilities. Whether your plan is one or the other, or just a beautiful roof, waterproofing quality of this part of the house is obviously most important.
A growingly popular roll material – TPO – is more and more finding its way to be used as a rooftop material for apartment buildings. This is a thermoplastic polyolefin material that comes with 25 year warranty.
TPO is a stable material, the composition and characteristics do not change over time. The ugly black roofs of old apartment buildings, as we well remember from 30 years ago, no longer need to exist in our modern reality. It’s time for beautiful roofs! And really – the TPO roof can be painted according to your own desire – even lagoon light blue if you wish.
However, when installing the material, its responses to the temperature must be taken into account –TPO extends in warmth and shrinks in the cold – so during the summer the roof is like a mild wave of soothing seawater. TPO welds are water-dense and there is no need to put anything on it – it is only to decide whether to leave the material white as in the original or to use endless creativity.
There are many choices, from different manufacturers to different specialities.