Swimming pools and wet rooms

Pools and moist rooms
Are you dreaming of a blue-water Mediterranean environment and a perfect bathroom that once built, is for decades free from problems caused by direct humidity that seem to accompany such rooms?
We have a solution for you! The right products – high-quality screeds, repair mortar, primers, waterproofing daubs, sealants and masses and sealing tape – are as important as high-quality skilled labour to achieve an ideal and long-lasting outcome.
Choosing the necessary means to carry out your work with us, you can be sure that you have taken a great step closer to a problem-free bathroom, sauna and a wonderful pool, where you can enjoy all the pleasures of a Mediterranean environment in your cozy chair.

Waterproofing pools
For the best reslts, we provide you with a world-class, high-quality pool waterproofing system and other products – all of which also meet the most demanding requirements and standards.
Either you are facing a brand new or an old pool that needs to be refurbished, we’ll find the best option for you.
Although the required preparatory work depends on the pools condition, age and also lights and the bushings, the quality of these preparation procedures is extremely important for the overall result. To do this, we can give you good advice and guidance on what you need to do.
It is important to monitor both the bearing capacity of the surface, how flat and even it is and that all pores are closed, the surface is without holes, cracks and is also dust-free etc. Be sure to let us know if you have a time limit to prepare the pool, the area is exposed to excessive humidity or low temperatures, or the pool is under very heavy load.
The sealing of bushings and lighting sockets in the pool should be monitored very carefully. Whether it’s with or without flanges, concrete or metal bushings, our drawings and instructions will have everything a properly sealed.
The only thing left is to finish up with mosaic plates, and here we strongly recommend to use high-quality epo-based mix. And then all you have to do is fill the pool in with water and enjoy your virgin moijto.

Moist rooms
Moist rooms with their direct and indirect water contact, such as home bathrooms, hotel bathrooms, spas, floors and floor patches, are often among first troublemakers in any house. A decade-long worry-free result comes from the right products and good work- quality. With the moisture barriers, waterproofing daubs, corner tapes, traps and bushings we offer, accompanied by our valuable instructions, you are much closer to an excellent result. If your project is about waterproofing a built-in bath or a shower, or maybe the whole bathroom, contact us and find the best products and optimal quantities.