Since the containers are essentially waterproof underground or overground concrete structures, similar methods must be used to ensure their water resistance, as in other buildings on the ground.
It is possible to use waterproofing daub, membrane or crystal waterproofing additives. Watertight solutions must be used also in joints. Drinking water reservoirs require additional attention, as the solutions used for them must be certified as suitable for drinking water. However, the waste water and slurry reservoirs must be of high durability for an aggressive environment which also dictates materials suitable for use.
As a novel solution, we offer a TPO material membrane for internal waterproofing of the drinking water reservoir. This method is very quick and reliable and helps to reduce the time taken to repair the containers, as it will be possible to load the container with water the next day. The same solution can, of course, be used for other containers.
However, all other different containers, such as sediment tanks, sewerage tanks, fire fighting water and rainfall reservoirs, are traditionally waterproofed with crystalline coatings and, in the case of pools, a mineral coating is applied to the concrete.
There are several solutions. You only need to know what the desired end result is and what the container is used for.