Waterproof concrete structures

Watertight concrete structures
Very often an old and familiar solution to waterproof concrete structures is chosen – it is also known as the black tub. The ready-made foundation walls are covered with bitumen waterproofing materials either in a form of a daub or roll material. Under the foundation plate, however, you’ll find a roll material or a construction film only.
Such a solution seems, at first sight, perfectly rational – price-acceptable and feasible.
But is that the case?
Primostar has a more sustainable solution to offer – one that has proven itself already for a decade also in Estonian environment. Using waterproofing materials from different producers make concrete structures watertight, prolong the life of concrete buildings and reduce the cost of operation – this is a trend in a new era of waterproofing – a white tub solution that achieves watertightness with crystalline additives. Using this approach, active crystals are introduced into the concrete already before pouring, resulting in a waterproof concrete structure.
The use of the crystalline additive provides both time and financial savings and is environmentally sustainable thanks to its natural components, not like an oil-based artificial material, such as bitumen, that emits many toxic compounds into the environment. In addition, the use of bitumen is also directly harmful to human health as it carries a genotoxic risk.
Primostar OÜ provides a comprehensive solution for waterproofing structures – as part of the process, we cooperate with both the designer, the concrete plant and the end-phase builders. Although the mixing and pouring of concrete is a key part of the process, concrete volume reduction cracks and fissures might also require some attention. Primostar has special solutions also for construction and deformation joints and bushings, even with up to 15 years warranty.
Primostar provides solutions and trust together with their goods. Solutions to all minor challenges are guaranteed to be handled from one place. In our product range we have all the required products that are needed for waterproofing processes.

Steps to perform waterproofing:
Planning of construction activity.
– The use of the additive must be planned and designed before the concrete is poured. If concrete is already cast, only bitumen or other artificial materials can be used as waterproofing materials. It is no longer possible to achieve watertightness throughout the structure.

Primostar cooperates with concrete factories, supplies material, advises and instructs the builder.

One of Primostar’s special competencies is to control the formation of concrete cracks. By using a patented product, the formation of concrete cracks is directed to the desired locations. This, too, makes construction faster and more convenient because there are no occasional cracks in volume depletion. As the concrete would otherwise shrink by about 1 mm per 4 m, the materials used by Primostar provide an opportunity to control the locations. As a result of using this solution, the cracks are immediately watertight and do not require further coating. The concrete can be poured more quickly and in larger pieces, and for this purpose the locations of cracks are determined in advance with the dovetail-shaped metal elements. The metal element inside the crack cuts off the water entering from the crack and the water can’t pass through.