Balconies, terraces, stairs

Are you planning the waterproofing of concrete boards such as balconies, terraces, or staircases? Because if you are, you’ll find everything you need for the works. We can supply you with corrosion protection, adhesion coating, repair mixture, waterproofing, primer, sealing tape, and more.

Pay attention if the constructions have direct contact with the ground. Be aware of “negative water pressure.” This means the structure must fit with a water barrier on the moisture moving upwards from the structure’s surface. For new buildings, use foundation membranes or an additional waterproofing daub that tolerates negative water pressure.
When renovating, you need to use two waterproofing materials simultaneously. The rigid daub protects against negative water pressure, and the elastic material protects against positive water pressure.

We’ll help you calculate the optimal material quantity and help you choose the materials you need.