Basement renovation

Whether in a new or an old house, in constant use, or left to stand, a properly waterproofed basement supports your health. You’ll find the necessary waterproofing materials for basement renovation such as quick-set cement, repair-special mortar, primers, insulation strands, sealing tapes, solvents, and renovation plaster from us!

We offer insulation systems from several well-known and high-quality producers. Our materials withstand negative water loads and do not allow salt crystallization to dissolve into walls. Using the right materials also prevents mold creation on the walls.

Ensure that the surfaces are clean and dust-free before the waterproofing. We have detailed and easy-to-follow work manuals to assist you.

We are always here to provide you with suggestions and advice for finding the right waterproofing materials for your basement. As a result of our products, knowledge, and manuals, and your excellent work, the basement gets the best!