Kristen Lind

Project sales

Contact Kristen if you want to get a quote for a waterproofing solution or to buy waterproofing materials.

Kaarel Kiisler

Sales engineer

Contact Kaarel if you have questions about the products, their performance, where to use them, and under what conditions. Kaarel is good at recommending how to use our products to work efficiently and without errors.

Indrek Uusalu


Feel free to contact Indrek if you want to discuss a cooperation partnership and other proposals that would help both parties promote their business.

Maret Ülenõmm


Contact Maret if you have any questions about invoices, receipts, payment deadlines, etc.

Reimo Tsepkin

Export sales

Feel free to contact Reimo if you want to talk about using our products in your market.

Keitlin Sammul


Contact Keitlin to talk about marketing solutions or cooperations.

Send an inquiry

After sending the request, we will send a copy of the sent email to the sender’s email so that the content of the message is not lost and everything is conveniently accessible!

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