Novira Plaza is a 7-storey A-class office building being developed in the city center of Riga. The building can be conveniently reached by both car and public transport. Secure, convenient, and private underground parking offers parking for both tenants and visiting customers, and from 2026 you can go to Riga Train Station, which is within walking distance, and take the train to the Baltic capitals every other hour.

The Latvian subsidiary of Primostar OÜ, SIA Primostar, has signed a contract to ensure the water-tightness of the underground part of the Novira Plaza Riga structure!

SIA Primostar, in cooperation with SIA Baltic Construction Company and SIA HC Betons, solves the waterproofing of the parking house on the entire building’s basement floor with a crystalline additive and joint profiles manufactured in Estonia.


The development of the Novira Plaza office building is taking place in the center of Riga, and the planned volume of concrete works for the base plate and external walls are ~ 4000 m³.


With the crystalline admixture, about 4000 m³ of concrete is made watertight.

With such a large volume of concrete work, the builder will install WPM Crack Inducer profiles to the construction in fixed steps. The profiles have a pin-shaped cross-section to guide and control shrinkage cracks so that they remain waterproof immediately. The WPM Crack Inducer profile controls concrete cracking at more than 400 meters in both the base slab and the walls.

WPM Stop-End profiles are added to finish concrete joints quickly, comfortably, and watertight. Almost 400 meters of WPM Stop-End profile will be installed in Novira Plaza office building.

Wall-to-wall, wall-to-bottom plate, and wall-to-ceiling joints are sealed with over 1100 m of WPM 125R joint tape.

You can read more about the completion and possibilities of the new office building here.