Pille 4, Uus-Veerenni

Pille 4, Uus-Veerenni

Uus-Veerenni is the largest comprehensive residential development area in the center of Tallinn, where a new apartment district is rising.

The authors of the architectural solution of the Pille 4 buildings are architects Velle Kadalipp, Kersti Nigols, and Pauliina Pähn. The emerging apartment building complex consists of three separate buildings, a shared underground car park, and a shared green courtyard.

The main contractor is Merko Ehitus Eesti OÜ, who has almost 30 years of experience as a builder and housing developer.

Primostar proposed solutions for waterproofing the buildings underground level.

To achieve water tightness, a crystalline concrete admixture was added to the base plate, and special joint profiles were placed between the base plate reinforcements. The addition of crystalline admixture ensures water resistance to 950 m3 of concrete.

As the basement floor was cast at different stages, the joint profiles ensure that the concrete joints cast at different times will last a long time and remain watertight. The reliability of joint profiles lies on the effectiveness of the sheets property of adhering to the concrete.

Builder: Merko Ehitus Eesti OÜ

Concrete Plant: BetooniMeistrid

Primostar solutions for the object:

  • Crystalline concrete admixture
  • Joint profiles