Water reactive elastic PU-injection resin for single and two stage injection of dry and water bearing cracks and joints

When KÖSTER 2 IN 1 resin comes into contact with water, it reacts to form a highly elastic foam. When KÖSTER 2 IN 1 resin is injected under dry conditions, it reacts to form a solid body elastic resin.KÖSTER 2 IN 1 remains permanently elastic after reacting. It is therefore able to follow crack movements and seal cracks permanently with an elastic polyurethane solid resin without necessitating follow-up injections. KÖSTER 2 IN 1 is a fast reacting foam for the short term sealing of leaks as well as an elastic solid resin for the permanent sealing of cracks. KÖSTER 2 IN 1 unites two resins in one product. KÖSTER 2 IN 1 is free of solvents and it is resistant to hydrolysis. KÖSTER 2 IN 1 does not react aggressively when coming into contact with steel or iron, so that a corrosion protection is achieved.
The material stops active leaks and seals cracks and construction joints permanently and elastically. It can be injected in dry and wet cracks. The material can also be used for filling of voids



Approx. 0.1 kg / l void (foam), approx. 1.1 kg / l void (solid resin)


25 kg, 5 kg, 1 kg