LINK-SEAL chain-seal type C & S316

Chain seal for steel / cast iron pipes.
For sealing pipe and cable glands.

  • Flexible, high-capacity modular system.
  • Strong rubber parts ensure long service life.
  • Even radial expansion of the seal ensures a permanent, airtight, and reliable circular seal.
  • If necessary, an elastomer can be ordered according to the installation environment. Available in oil, fuels, solvents resistant; variants suitable for high temperatures or suitable for KTW-certified drinking water.
  • Easy and convenient connection of links.
  • Type C (galvanized fastening screws):
  • Under normal environmental conditions, can withstand moisture and water. Also suitable as an electrical insulator and cathode for corrosion protection.
  • Type S316 (stainless steel fixing screws)
  • High resistance to water, solutions of inorganic substances (acids and alkalis), and organic substances (eg acetic acid, acetone).

Suitable for installation in sleeve pipes and pre-drilled holes (waterproof concrete, white bath).




Gas-tight, Withstands pressurized water, Suitable for pipes and cables up to 914 mm outside diameter