WFP Bitumen Thick Coating 2C

WFP Thick Coating 2C is a two-component, fiber-reinforced polymer modified bitumen thick coating based on a special bitumen emulsion (component A) and cement-based powder (component B). The product is completely solvent-free. Component A is a polymer-modified bitumen emulsion, component B is a reactive powder. The adding of the reaction powder in the bitumen emulsion affects faster rain protection and faster drying. The evaporation of the water content in the emulsion creates a solid, high elastic, and watertight sealing. The pasty and stable consistency of the material enables an application in one step by spray or trowel process. WFP Bitumen Thick Coating 2C cannot be re-emulsified even with longer water contact. Furthermore, the coating is resistant to commonly occurring substances in soils.

  • Two components
  • Applicable with trowel or spraying device
  • Fast drying
  • Fast rain protection
  • Crack-bridging
  • Watertight
  • For adhesion of rigid foam insulation boards
  • Solvent-free
  • Thixotropic
  • Fibre-reinforced
  • Without lightweight fillers like polystyrene
  • „Made in Germany“

The WFP Bitumen Thick Coating 2C is used for waterproofing of exterior basement walls, foundations, floor plates, etc.. The product is suitable for horizontal and vertical areas. WFP Bitumen Thick Coating 2C can also be used as an intermediate coating (under cement floors) on floor plates, balconies and terraces as well as for the adhesion of rigid foam insulation boards. The material adheres to all dry, slightly wet, mineral surfaces, as well as bituminous surfaces.


approx. 2.0 – 6.0 kg/m2 depending of required protection and surface.


30 kg bucket (A + B)


6 months (frost-free and dry in the original package)


from 5°C until 35°C