WFP IQ Hybrid Reactive 2C

WFP IQ Hybrid Reactive 2C is a two-component, reactive-hybrid coating. Solvent-and Bitumen- free, aging- and UV resistant.
Component A is a polymer liquid component; Component B is a reactive special powder. By adding the reactive special powder into the liquid component homogeneous slurry occurs which is easy to
process considering directives for planning and completion of flexible sealing slurries. After drying occurs a fixed, high flexible, and waterproof building sealing. The pasty and stable consistency of the
material allows the application of high coating thicknesses in one work process with the spray,- painting and trowel apply. WFP IQ Hybrid Reactive 2C is not re-emulsified even with long water contact.
Furthermore, it is resistant against media usually occurring in the soil.

  • Two-component
  • Spreadable, paint,- and sprayable
  • Quickly becomes rainproof ( after 2 hours)
  • Load bearing after 16 hours
  • Crack-bridging
  • Impervious to radon
  • Resistant against freeze and de-icing salt
  • Bitumen- and solvent-free
  • Paint- and plasterable
  • Absolutely waterproof
  • Suitable for bonding of insulation boards
  • „Made in Germany“

WFP IQ Hybrid Reactive 2C is used for producing sealing elements of buildings indoors and outdoors. The product is suitable for
application in horizontal or vertical areas. Furthermore, WFP IQ Hybrid Reactive 2C can be used as sealing on ground areas, horizontal barrier under walls, balconies, terraces, and bonding of insulation boards. The WFP IQ Hybrid Reactive 2C is also suitable for the renovation of aged bitumen sealing. The material adheres on all dry and slightly damp, mineral grounds as well as on bituminous grounds.




from 5°C until 35°C


12 months (cool +5 – +25 °C, frost- free and dry in original packaging)


25 Kg Combipackage (A+B)