WFP Pre-Tec Plus 2

WFP Pre-Tec Plus 2 is a unique, specially laminated, highly flexible fresh concrete composite membrane.
WFP Pre-Tec Plus 2 consists of an HDPE membrane with a single-sided, pressure-sensitive adhesive bed, embedded with a reactive granulate coating. The granulate coating is walkable and weather resistant. Soiling caused by construction site operations does not reduce adhesion. WFP Pre-Tec Plus 2 is equipped with a prefabricated adhesive strip on the top and bottom sides. When joining the overlap joint of two Pre-Tec membranes, the adhesive areas meet each other directly and result in a waterproof, secure, and permanent bond.

  • Highly flexible
  • Single side, special granulate coating
  • Pressure-sensitive adhesive layer
  • Double-sided adhesive strip
  • Continuous thickness
  • Easy installation
  • Water pressure tight
  • High chemical resistance
  • Perfect adhesion to concrete
  • Weatherproof
  • Radon gas-tight in the complete system
  • UV-resistant for more than 60 days
  • Accessible
  • Crack bridging
  • Harmless to groundwater (no PVC)
  • WFP Pre-Tec Plus 2 is used for waterproofing exterior basement walls, foundations, tunnels, underground car parks, floor slabs, etc.
  • WFP Pre-Tec Plus 2 is suitable for vertical and horizontal surfaces.
  • WFP Pre-Tec Plus 2 can be used against high water pressure, on aggressive soils, and as a radon barrier.

Rolls á 1 m x 20 m


24 months (in cool and dry original packaging)


from 5°C until 40°C