WPM Joint Inducer Profile

WPM JOINT INDUCER profile for temperature and shrinkage joints consists of a steel sheet that provides water resistance, on the edges of which a special expandable joint tape is attached, and steel sheet sides that help form a joint at the desired location. The width of the water barrier sheet is 150 mm. Depending on the application, galvanized steel or a stainless-steel sheet and a special environmentally friendly joint tape are used to make the metal parts. In the standard environment, a standard version (color blue) is used. In sewerage, slurry, and high salinity environments, an SW version (color yellow) is used. The sheet steel sides are bent at an angle, which gives the joint to be formed a tapered cross-section, which helps maintain the strength properties of the structure

  • Creating a joint at a specified location
  • The resulting joint is watertight
  • Passed manufacturer and independent tests
  • Guaranteed pressurized water resistance 1.0 bar
  • Made in Estonia

WPM JOINT INDUCER profile for temperature and shrinkage joints is used to design predetermined joints when building retaining walls from reinforced concrete. With the help of this profile, it is also possible to cast very long retaining walls in one operation without the risk of the formation of unwanted shrinkage cracks and subsequent cracks due to temperature fluctuations.


Box: 6 x 2.5 m main element, 12 x Z-part, connection clips, adhesive tube, metal screws


-35 °C to +75 °C


36 months (in dry original packaging in a cool place)