WPM Sealing Element 125L

WPM SEALING ELEMENT 125L is one side coated 0,7 mm galvanized steel sheet. One side is coated with special mineral covering for good adhesion with concrete. The lower edge of the sheet element is bent at an angle of 90o. Such a fastening strip allows fast and precise attachment of the jointing beam to the reinforcement bars.

  • One side coated special sealing sheet
  • Watertight against pressurized water up to 2,5 bar
  • High chemical resistance
  • Elastic sealing
  • Easy application to fresh concrete

WPM SEALING ELEMENT 125L is used for sealing against pressurized water in concrete construction joints for bottom/wall, wall/wall, bottom/bottom, and wall/ceiling applications. Typical areas of application are drinking water tanks, areas of changing water levels, cast-in-place concrete, and precast unit constructions