Kiikri 6, Kiikri Residendid

The first phase of construction of Kiikri 6 apartment buildings has started

A total of 86 apartments and four commercial premises will be in these two five-story residential buildings. The houses’ architectural concept is influenced by the Beach Promenade and Kadriorg, while maintaining a dialogue with other buildings on the same street to achieve a unified yet detailed playful urban space.

With the completion of Kiikri 6 apartment buildings in 2022, the development of a 7-year residential quarter will finish. It is also one of the largest residential quarter investments in Estonia.

The main contractor Kiikri Ehitus OÜ took the waterproofing recommendation from Primostar and will ensure the building’s watertightness with Primostars’ materials.

Thank you for the trust!

Read more about the apartments here.