Pae Farmers silo


Waterproofing of a silo under construction

General contractor: Mapri Ehitus


After a few years of use, the silo previously built on the farm had problems. Corrosion due to the acidic environment damaged the reinforcements of the silo wall structures so severely that part of the wall fell over. It is a well-known fact that the preservatives used in the manufacture of silage are strong acids and require special solutions in construction. Based on the farm owners’ previous experience, the farmer also started looking for a better solution to ensure a longer service life for the silo.


Silo waterproofing requires a particular approach, and there is no good, cheap, and simple solution. All materials and solutions used must take into account a very aggressive acidic environment. Our long-term partners Mr. Ilmar Mõtsnik, the construction supervisor of the site, and Mapri Ehitus, as the contractor, asked us to offer something new that could solve the problems.

The conditions for the material, the expected volume of concrete work, and this year’s hot summer were a proper challenge to find this new and suitable solution.

We used a higher joint sheet in the floor and wall joints, which is faster and easier to install and has a combined mineral and bituminous coating. The bituminous coating protects the stain from the effects of the acidic environment, and the mineral coating ensures better adhesion to the concrete. In addition, we installed a stainless steel joint plate in the vertical work joints.

Whether our installed waterproofing gives a lasting result will become clear in years to come.

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