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New Age
is here!

As a designer or an engineer, an important question during the planning process is how to solve construction waterproofing. The constant challenge of the construction business is to do more, with less time and smaller costs.

We have worked closely with construction companies for over 20 years and have found a waterproofing solution that fits all the market’s requirements.

A special joint profile that you install into the reinforcement prior to casting to ensure the concrete shrinking cracks are and stay watertight!

We are moving away from the time of bituminous or artificial waterproofing materials – the New Age of Waterproofing uses crystalline admixture and special joint profiles for planet-friendly, fast, and price-friendly waterproofing.


Predetermined crack

Using the profile allows you to predefine shrinkage cracks yourself

Waterproof crack

The special adhesive coating of the profile ensures a watertight connection between the concrete and the profile when pouring concrete

Structural strength

The pin-shaped cross-section of the profile slightly weakens the strength properties of the structure

Environmentally friendly

When waterproofing in this way, the consumption of materials is less than 1 kg 1 m²


Want to know more?

Use the Crack Inducer profile to create controlled cracks, but the WPM product range includes several joint profiles that you can use to waterproof the structure.

Leave your contact request and we will send you more information about WPM Estonia materials and how by combining them you will achieve permanent water resistance in underground structures.


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