Primostar OÜ was founded in 2000 with the wish to represent the German building industry in Estonia. We have grown from representing one factory to over a decade of brand representation, all of which are definitely market leaders in their field.

Our waterproofing products are designed for professional builders as well as for the private sector. In over 20 years of our operation,
we have helped to ensure waterproofing crystalline for more than 70,000 m3 of concrete.
In addition, we have helped to cover more than 300,000 m2 underground structures with classic waterproofing.

We have subsidiaries in Latvia and Lithuania. Thus we can be represented throughout the Baltic states and provide waterproof solutions
for those markets. We also have offices and warehouses in Riga as well as in Vilnius. The head office is located in Tallinn.

We offer our customers top quality waterproofing products as well as installation solutions
and professional advice based on our long-term experience in the field of waterproofing.


Offer top quality products and be a solid and an approachable partner.
We want to be the best in what we do and win the trust and long-term partnership with our customers and partners.


Primostar would like to become the leading company of waterproofing products in the Baltic states and Scandinavia.

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